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by robert_s
Sun Feb 13, 2011 12:29 am
Forum: BarsWF, Cryptography, Security, GPGPU and supercomputing
Topic: Serious bug (?) in BarsWF v0.B
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Re: Serious bug (?) in BarsWF v0.B

qk4cjzvg:0d79bb01422daff7da7e0587b4b52a25 ci0ociao:e521b09ccf6cf94182f925b70a524c2e ciaociao:0fe4f43e1dd173abc07ce508a74800e2 Can anybody confirm this bug making my same test with v0.B and posting here the result? I just tried it, and BarsWF CUDA x32 0.B cracked all the hashes above flawlessly! My ...