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MySQL323 Cracker

Posted: Thu Feb 24, 2011 11:24 pm
by Sc00bz
Beta release. For me it tops out at just over 5 Trillion passwords / second on a Q9300 (2.5GHz). :( I was expecting closer 8 Trillion.

* Windows and Linux (I know it runs in CentOS)
* Multi threaded :)
* Key space file for several sub key spaces with per position character sets.


* Multiple hashes (this will make the speed 1/n since each hash needs to be processed separately).
* SSE2/SSE4.2

Re: MySQL323 Cracker

Posted: Sun Feb 27, 2011 9:22 pm
by Sc00bz
beta 2:
* on exit it displays stats
* ctrl+c displays resume code and exits
* xp support (sorry about that one I totally forgot that I was using SleepConditionVariableCS)

beta 3 is up:
* Bug fix there was a race condition that I didn't know could happen. Apparently pthread_cond_signal has a short delay before a thread gets woken up.

Let my know if any are "0.000 p/s".

Re: MySQL323 Cracker

Posted: Wed Mar 09, 2011 5:39 am
by Sc00bz
mysql323 beta 4 is up:
* Bug fix buffer overflow

mysql323 collider beta 1 is up:
* 1.83 Quadrillion passwords/second on a Q9300 @ 2.5GHz (DDR2 800 CL5)
* requires 1.5 GiB ram
* Can only crack [a-z]{7}["$&(*,.02468:<>@BDFHJLNPRTVXZ\^`bdfhjlnprtvxz|~]{3,9} where [a-z]{7} has a sum of 736 and the next two characters have a sum of 160. So aaaahzz"~" or cccpassPP08 (almost looks like a real password).

Yes I know this is very limited but I cut a few corners like:
* no odd characters in the suffix (this will be fun to add in but good news is the speed will stay the same)
* first two characters in the suffix sum is 160 (doing this made it faster)
* only one specific sum for the prefix (this will be fun to add in. there will be multiple initializing steps [one per each sum])

This was going to be 3 times faster but for some reason I couldn't allocate 2.4 GiB in a win32 app (prefix sum of 766 instead of 736). Anyone know of a nice 64 bit compiler for windows.

Just a reminder I'm using SI prefixes:
So "1.825 Pp/s" is peta-passwords/second so almost 2 quadrillion.