More Deep Space

Finished processing photos from my last trip so we all can see the results.

Let's start from Milky Way near M6, M7 (exposure 85x3.2s):

M23, M24, M25 - 226x3.2s:

This is closest galaxy to us, Andromeda. One can see it's arms and spiral structure here. 205x3.2s.
Fuzzy spot below it is another galaxy: M110, also known as NGC 205.

Pleiades (88x3.2s):

And this is M15 (314x3.2s) to feel the scale and compare to my 1 hour exposure on 61cm telescope that I did 3 years ago. Here you can barely see a hint for individual stars in the globular cluster. One need much more than 55mm of focal length here:

September 6, 2017