Sony F828 and infrared photography

Back in the early 2000's I was looking for a camera to replace my compact one. I was choosing between Sony F828 and DSLR's, especially Sony α100. Eventually I've decided on α100 (and don't regret it). Now in 2024 I've noticed Sony F828 on local marketplace, and also learned that it was an extremely unique camera: the only one having CCD sensor with RGBE Bayer matrix (I will need to measure spectral response of this unusual filter set), and able to switch to infrared mode using magnet hack (external magnet can remove IR-cut filter). This infrared (and ultraviolet!) capability is what I am interested in in 2024. This was the last Sony camera with this feature.

Here - electric cooktop emits alot of infrared, black glass is transparent to infrared and shows it's internals:

Camera itself. With 15x15mm neodymium magnet - switch to infrared works as expected. Smaller 10x5mm magnets were too weak.
I've got 680nm+, 760nm+ and 950nm+ filters. So far 760nm one is most practical: shows world significantly different and lets decent amount of light through. At 950nm+ sensitivity of sensor drops too far, so it's only for tripod.

Next looking at my sweater in infrared:

Dyes have no spectral features in 760nm+ infrared, surprisingly even black dye. Only in 680nm+ features are barely visible.

January 19, 2024