I didn't make it to amateur astronomy (this time)

Recently I've bought telescope optical tube assembly - Levenhuk 200mm F4 carbon - there was nothing else in this class left in stock in Moscow, all sold out. But, as one could expect, chances to get decent Chinese F4 parabolic mirror are slim...

In VAGO lab did an interferometric test and got grave verdict: "prime mirror is polished with floorcloth"
Returned OTA to the shop. But this is not the end - in February new batch of telescope will arrive and I got an agreement to test 200mm Chinese Ritchey–Chrétien telescope. If they would also disappoint me - I will have to get telescope parts separately... I still want F4 due to space and weight limitations.

Optics say: good optical device is no different from garbage for a naked eye. Can confirm that )

Just in interesting photo, laser is shining from the focal spot of the parabolic mirror.

December 23, 2014