AMOLED shenanigans and new microscope lens Olympus LUCPlanFl 20x/0.45

Finally managed to break smart phone glass for the first time. FIrst 4 times it was hitting concrete just fine, and now it landed straight face-down: screen was shattered. Bought glass replacement kit on ebay including UV-curing glue. Old glue+glass is removed by heating to ~120-150 °C.

Unfortunately I managed to overheat 1 spot to 220 °C which lead to unexpected effect: black (organic?) contrast-boosting pigment has burned and revealed display internals in more details. Also, the most sensitive, blue subpixels stopped working in this spot. With my "new" (ebay again) microscope lens LUCPlanFl 20x/0.45 with cover glass thickness correction I managed to make photo of AMOLED internals with more details (for comparison see earlier photos):

Glass itself now looks like this:

Quality comparison: old Chinese lens (not bad one actually) LPlan 20x/0.4 looses alot of contrast due to spherical aberration caused by ~1mm of cover glass:

Olympus LUCPlanFl 20x/0.45 in the same scale, corrected for ~1mm glass:

March 20, 2015