UNIS tbm de Luxe typewriter

During my childhood in the village I was learning to type on a typewriter. It was some electrical typewriter, "Yatran" if I recall it correctly.
Recently I accidentally got mechanical Yugoslavian UNIS "tbm de Luxe" typewriter in a leather case - it seems they were very popular in USSR back in 1960-80's.

It is quite hard to type on it as it requires to hit keys with much higher force.
So blind 10-finger typing is impossible without lots of extra physical exercises :-)

Also scored 3 last typewriter ribbons from local e-shop. These were made in Belarus in 2013. It's surprising that typewriter ribbon is still in production (BTW manufacturer guarantee that it is good for only 2 years since manufacturing). Probably typewriters are still in use in some government agencies (due to secrecy?)

On this photo it is still with old ink tape:

August 24, 2014