Olympus 10x/0.3 WI - now with water immersion

In previous post about my microscope I've mentioned that now there are no more cheap upgrades left. This microscope lens is first among more expensive ones : Olympus 10x/0.3 WI - with water immersion, was lucky to get it for 800$ on ebay.

Work with water immersion could allow to increase resolution (which is not used here - NA is only 0.3) and achieve slightly wider depth of focus for same NA - but (more importantly for me) it makes contamination of the specimen much less visible: dirt reflects/absorbs light very well on the surface to air and much less so in water due to much lower difference in refractive index.

Had to spent some time looking for proper containers for specimens which were flat enough (down to few microns). Finally, biological plastic Petri dishes worked well enough (glass ones were less flat but also usable). Very satisfied, fun lens :-)

First "production" photos here.

January 21, 2017