Few words about me:

From very childhood I loved computers, electronics, lasers, sulfuric acid and liquid nitrogen. I always wanted to be making microchips, UAVs and see nuclear explosion.

Now I am doing software engineering and in the spare time - some microelectronics and physics/chemistry experiments.

I live and work in Russia, Moscow.

1986VE91T: What's inside Russian ARM?

1986VE91T (1986ВЕ91Т in Russian) - is an ARM Cortex-M3 based microcontroller, designed by Russian company Milandr. It has 128 KiB of flash memory, 32 KiB of SRAM, hardware USB and 80Mhz core clock. Manufactured using 180nm technology with aluminum metalization.

As this chip was in ceramic package, no plastic etching was necessary - so all bonding wires are intact. Die size - 6.54x5.9 mm.

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May 2, 2013

Growing copper nano™ crystals

By accident came across process of growing metallic copper crystals.

The technology is the following: put some CuSO4 in a tube, then some NaCl on the top, and add some concentrated solution of NaCl (using distilled water). Then put some iron inside - and wait few days/weeks. Initially, I've tried that with nickel - but it didn't worked. Obviously, tube must be sealed - otherwise solution would just evaporate and everything would be contaminated by NaCl crystals.

I've decided to try 3 variants: without extra salt, with 0.5 thickness of salt, and 1.5.

April 22, 2013

Loving C++11 syntactic sugar

Isn't that beautiful?
vector<Image> images;
for (auto& img : images)      //!!!
  //Do something
  img.write( img.fileName() + ".debug.jpg" ); 
Life was so hard in pre-11 times...
April 13, 2013

300mm wafers arrived

Received 2x 300mm silicon wafers with microchips. I was really scared to receive a bag of shattered silicon - but they were packaged in special "wafer shipper", and hence intact. This is how most modern microchips looks like after manufacturing, but before dicing & packaging.

Why I bought it? I was curious and it's just beautiful :-)
Now there are 3x 300mm wafers in Russia: 2 are mine, and 1 is on exhibit at Mikron

April 13, 2013

Made in USA

Received bunch of good old "Made in USA" military microchips (late 80's) for decapsulation & photography. Still an open question how they got into Soviet Union back then?

April 5, 2013

Thin-film interference under microscope

Noticed interesting thing: Thin-film interference under microscope as alcohol evaporates on the surface of microchip.

April 2, 2013

Mikron fab

Visited Mikron fab in Zelenograd including 180nm and 90nm microelectronic manufacturing lines, the most advanced in Russia at the moment.

The only photo I can publish at the moment without going through censorship is decorative flash drive

March 9, 2013

Received bunch of relatively rare Soviet processors

Mostly Z80, LSI-11 and 8086 compatible ones. Will check what's inside soon ;-)
February 25, 2013

Got NBC suit for 23'th of February

Got NBC suit (Nuclear, Biological, Chemical) for 23'th of February - Defender of the Fatherland Day.
February 23, 2013